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Time to crochet some sunshine with this gorgeous sunflower crochet pattern

This particularly special flower; the sunflower is my mum’s favourite! Her parents – who live in the Czech Republic – would always have the most beautiful sunflowers growing in their garden. They were stunning. So, I decided to tackle this as a present for Mother’s Day this year. 🌻🌻🌻

Normally I am put off doing intricate flowers as you make so many petals and then individually piece them together and I get fed up a bit too quickly, but after some hunting, I found a pattern that wasn’t so tedious.

To make the flower head, I followed this pattern by Helen Free (it can be downloaded via the Let’s Knit website), it’s designed as a flat(ish) corsage. You start with the back of the sunflower, using green yarn, then work the yellow petals around this back section. You finish with the brown centre of the sunflower and attach this to the back piece.

Crochet Sunflower Held Upright In Garden

But, always one to complicate matters, I wanted to make this splendid sunflower stand up on its own so you could place it in a vase!

Before I created the back section, I crocheted around a wire pipe cleaner. To do this, start with a magic ring. Then work 3DC (SC in American/European terminology) stitches into the magic ring. Carry on crocheting, in a round until you reach about 6” (15cm), working around the wire pipe cleaner.

Back View of Finished Crochet Sunflower

Now this doesn’t have to be perfect. Some rows can have 4 stitches and it will still look great. I love how the little imperfections when creating flowers can make them look even better.

When I reached the end of the pipe cleaner, I created a flat circle shape to the total of 30 stitches. This matches the number of stitches in the backing section so you can then switch to yellow and start making the petals.

I love it. I think it came out looking fantastic and love how it looks when you prop it up in a vase.

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