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Keep the beloved Tororo with you forever with these crochet toys

“Who leaves the seeds,

For you to find?

Follow them and you will see,

a treasure there.” 🍃🍃🍃

Who doesn’t love Totoro? Possibly one of Ghibli’s most universally loved characters and for a very good reason … He’s absolutely adorable!

I made a Tororo brooch and keychain from a great pattern via AmigurumiToGo. Be warned, there is also an AMAZING pattern for the entire Catbus which is so epically amazing and time consuming you will want to give up sleep.

I think tackling a few of the Totoro characters was enough for this project.

The body and head are made from a simple pear-like shape, then the other parts; arms, belly, ears, eyes and nose are attached after.

For the smaller brooch, I reduced my crochet hook to a 1.5mm a did a few less rounds. I don’t think it had quite the correct resemblance, but he still makes me smile.

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