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Why can’t yarn balls last forever? Joining new yarn can be a right nuisance, keep reading to find out about my quickest method for securing new yarn.

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There are many methods of joining new yarn; magic no-ends knot, spit felting, Russian join, weavers knot, twist method. All can be incredibly useful for different types of project. I don’t know about you, but when I’m having to change my yarn, I like to be able to get it done ASAP with no faffing. This is why I always find myself coming back to a simple twist and knot!

This technique works especially well for thicker yarns, or when you have more than 2-plys in the yarn to work with.

So, how do you do this? 

When you have reached the end of the yarn and are ready to attach the new yarn, gently separate both your existing and the new yarn into 2 strands. Twist them a little with fingers (sometimes dabbing a small amount of water helps).

Then tie one strand of the existing yarn to one strand of the new yarn. You will have to do this twice and try to space each knot a few centimetres apart so it will hardly be noticeable!

When you are happy that the knots are secure, continue to twist the yarn, or roll the strands in your palm until they are nice and joined (add a touch more water if you need to).

I have personally found this method to be the quickest and most tidy method of joining. No need to weave in ends and not too fiddly. It gets the job done and is secure.

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