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Learn how you can make this super easy kawaii star cushion.

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Never one to be wasteful, I love a DIY project that can use up some scraps plus make something kawaii. My mum recently had some old curtain fabric that was so pretty but cut in weird sizes. I wouldn’t let her throw this away as I knew it would come in useful for something. Suddenly a DIY kawaii star cushion popped into my mind!

This is a very easy sewing DIY, great for beginners.


  • Depending on the desired size, X2 equal pieces of fabric
  • Black needle and thread to embroider face and sew pieces together
  • Stuffing; wool, old fabric, polyester etc.


  1. Using this shape, cut out X2 pieces of fabric to your desired size
  2. Embroider a face to one of the pieces (on the right side of the fabric)
  3. Sew both pieces of fabric together (with the right-side facing inwards) IMPORTANT: Remember to leave a small gap before closing! The gap is essential so that you can turn the pieces back the right way (I have marked this part on the pattern).
  4. Turn your work inside out, so the right side is facing the correct way
  5. Using your finger or a pen, push into the corners of your star shape to make them pointy
  6. Stuff the star cushion with the filling of your choice
  7. Close the gap, using the ladder stitch and you are finished.

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