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Learn how to crochet a basic oval shape

How do you best understand crochet patterns? Do you prefer reading written instructions or diagrams, or watching a video?

Since I started crocheting, I’ve had better success when being able to read from a diagram. I’m a visual learner, so with diagrams there’s less room for misinterpretation and less error. But diagram patterns are tricky to create, especially when making odd and complicated shapes.

I’m hoping to share more diagram patterns via this blog for those crocheters who prefer learning more visually, starting with this basic oval shape. Diagrams are universal, they can be understood and worked from no matter what language you speak. Instead of trying to figure out if a pattern is in English, American or European terms – just look at the diagram!

They might look a bit daunting at first, but when you get used to what the symbols mean – along with the basic guidelines – there are fewer chances of error.

Below is my version of a basic oval shape. The shape’s sides are flatter than the conventional ‘oval’ shape and I find this more pleasing when crocheting Amigurumi (for example, with the face or the mouth section). This shape can also be used as a base for baskets, bags, rugs or placemats.


  • Yarn
  • Appropriate crochet hook
  • Needle to weave ends


NOTES: You will be closing each row with a SLIP STITCH, then starting the next row with a CHAIN – these are NOT counted. Your first DC will be in the same stitch that your slip stitch was made in. This creates a very neat, unnoticeable finish, especially when you keep your slip stitch tight.

  1 Starting from the 2nd chain on your hook, 4DC, you’ve now reached the very first chain, here you need to crochet 3DC in the same stitch, you’ll then continue making your stitches along the reverse side, 3DC, 2DC in the same stitch, close with SLIP STITCH, CH1     = 12 ST
2   INC, 3DC, 3INC, 3DC, 2INC, close with SLIP STITCH, CH1 = 18 ST
INC, 5DC, 4INC, 5DC, 3INC, close with SLIP STITCH, CH1 = 26 ST
4   9DC, 4INC, 9DC, 4INC, close with SLIP STITCH, CH1 = 34 ST
5   10DC, 2INC, 2DC, 2INC, 11DC, 2INC, 2DC, 2INC, DC in the next stitch, close with SLIP STITCH, CH1 = 42 ST
6   12DC, INC, 2DC, INC, 2DC, INC, 13DC, INC, 2DC,  INC, 2DC, INC, 3DC, close with SLIP STITCH, weave ends = 48 ST

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