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No-Face (カオナシ kaonashi, “Faceless”) the lonely spirit from Moasaki’s film Spirited Away

Another Ghibli classic and an all-time favourite movie of mine!

Spirited Away was the first, and only animated film to win an Oscar for a feature and is the highest grossing Japanese film since its release 19-years ago. The film is a masterpiece, taking viewers on the epic journey through Miyazaki’s storytelling and style, combining fairy lore, Japanese mythology and Shinto.

No-Face’s character was an original creation by Miyazaki. He is shown to be capable of reacting to emotions and ingesting other individuals in order to gain their personality and physical traits.  No Face’s actions have never been explained by Miyazaki which has led to his fans interpreting his presence for themselves with many theories out there; maybe No-Face is a gluttonous monster, god-like creature or a lost human soul?

Whatever No-Face may be, his character is awesome. I’ve seen some crochet attempts and decided it was time to tackle the challenge.

I used this pattern from DIYGeekery which is straight forward and easy to follow. You start with a flat circle then work up to form a tube. I loved how the mouth opened and decided not to sew this section closed. I put a cardboard tube in the base, this way it can be used as a secret storage compartment.

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