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Another year, another scarf.

This year, I have a chance to make another scarf for my partner. He loved the reversible cowl that I made him last year, but this time he would like a classic scarf shape so he can wrap it around his neck numerous times. He wanted it to be a darker colour too.

I love making scarfs, especially when I get to use amazingly soft and thick yarn. Just before I started this project, I was incredibly lucky and found some of Rowan’s Big Wool Super Chunky Merino Yarn on sale in John Lewis. I managed to bag 500g for £23.75! Considering that most handmade, pure merino wool scarfs sell for £60+ I thought that was a steal!

A good winter scarf not only needs to be made from thick, warm yarn, but it also needs to be long. It needs to be as long as you are tall, with your hand out-stretched above your head. My partner is 6ft, so this was going to be a very long.

I’ve kept this super simple as sometimes that’s the only (and best) way.

I didn’t want this scarf to be too stiff, so used a 15mm hook and kept my tension very loose. After starting the foundation, I worked in rows using a HALF-TREBLE CROCHET STITCH but working in the BACK LOOPS ONLY. This created this lovely texture and it’s really stretchy. Each row starts with X1 Chain to keep the ends super neat.


  • Approximately 500g Super Chunky Wool (this will vary, depending on your size desired)
  • 15mm Hook
  • Needle to weave in the ends


  CH 141 approx. 100” (250cm) in length  
1 From the 2nd chain on the hook, work in BACK LOOP ONLY 140HTC, CH1, turn =  140 ST
2 14 REPEAT until you reach you desired width. Mine totaled 14 rows which was approx. 8” (20cm)  = 140 ST
  At the end of your last row, fasten off, tie in the ends  

Super simple, and gorgeous.

Nothing beats having a cosy, chunky scarf and I’ve been stealing this from my partner all the time! *Makers rights* ✂

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