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Another quick project that is great for using up scraps

My good friend was recently having a panic about finding a gift for a beloved grandparent. Fear not, I know just what to make … A crochet rose brooch!

The rose is made by crocheting one long shape, then rolling it up. Here is a pattern I found from a Russian site (credit unknown). You can make these longer or shorter if you wish. It’s very straight forward. As you can see, the smaller petal shapes will be for the centre and then the larger petals will be for the outer part of the rose.

I really liked this pattern as the foundation of the rose isn’t a sold shape, this creates a much more realistic rose and helps keep the back flatter making it easier to attach to the brooch.

The trick to making these look more realistic, is to tightly fold up the first few petals in the middle so they’re bunched and close together.

For the leaf I followed this very simple pattern.

When you’ve finished making the rose and a leaf, attach the pieces to the back of a pin and ta-da!

I’m really pleased with how these turned out. I need to experiment with different colours so that I have a nice selection to give as more gifts!

Nothing I love more that simple and cute crochet creations.

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