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This is a great and easy method when making wall hangings or decorative pieces that require support.

I always welcome a new way of saving time with crochet projects. When you crochet around an object, you won’t need to attach anything after.

As I’ve been looking forward to making more wall hangings, I wanted to find a method that allowed me to crochet everything in one go, avoiding the need to attach pieces.

Adding a piece of bamboo or a strong stick gives wall hangings that sleeker look, as well as providing support so that they hold their shape when displayed.

When I made the Monstera Wall Hanging, I had to attach the hanging after and wished I’d used this method sooner. (Fiddly attaching is a pet peeve of mine for sure!)

When you start with your crochet around the object it’s surprisingly easy. What’s important, is remembering to wrap the yarn behind your object after every stitch. It will also leave your work really secure.

Here is video showing you the technique:

You will end up a set of Foundation Stitches, and this is where you will continue to work your project in.

So, there you have it. A simple way of crocheting around an object, to save you time on wall hangings. The possibilities are endless so lets get creating.

For ideas, why not try the Totoro Wall Hanging?


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