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Learn how to make this black and grey leopard print crochet headband, using the tapestry method.

I love woolly hats and have way too many of them, so for my next project I jumped on the ear-warmer bandwagon with this leopard print crochet headband.

There are plenty of gorgeous patterns with some very different styles. I was up for a challenge of making mine leopard print, though. I really liked the knot at the front so did this by first crocheting one long rectangle shape – that is slightly longer than the head’s circumference.

My head measures 19 inches (48 cm), so I added 3 inches (7.5 cm) to total 22 inches (56 cm).

To create the knot like effect, join the ends together. First, fold each end to form a V shape. Then slot the V’s in between each other and sew them together. Turn the headband inside out.

To create the black and grey leopard pattern use the tapestry method. Carry both yarns as you crochet, working around the colour that is not being used.

(Follow the tutorial in this pattern for more help if you’re new to this technique.)



  • Approx. 80g Drops worsted yarn
  • 4mm hook
  • Needle to sew ends together

Here is the pattern chart to follow to create the pattern.

For the foundation row, the headband is approx. 3 inches (7.5 cm) wide, so crochet 21 CH ST in BLACK. (Each row should total 20 DC and the extra 1 CH is to build height).

Turn your work, from the second chain on your hook, 20 DC across. After the last DC on each row, crochet 1 CH ST.

Turn, and continue crocheting 20 DC across each row. Add the GREY in row 2, stitch count 6. Remember to change colour before pulling through the very last loop of the previous stitch and keep the colour you’re NOT working pulled nice and firm (but not too tight).

Now, this is a time consuming project. There are 127 rows X 20 stitches, and with lots of colour changes it does get fiddly.

When you reach the 127th row, weave in the ends.

Fold the ends to create a V shape. Slot each V in between each other to close the headband and sew together. Turn inside out and voila.

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