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This crochet shoulder bag is super simple and stylish. Perfect for everyday use and works up quickly, using chunky T-shirt yarn in fabulous pink.

Making this chic crochet shoulder bag by repurposing some old T-shirt yarn was certainly satisfying. Surprisingly, I have never made a bag before but knew this intense pink had to be used for something practical and used regularly.

So far, summer has been a beauty and I needed a cute crochet shoulder bag to help combat some lockdown blues. Getting out for a bike ride and reading somewhere quiet has been such a relief and the perfect way to get fresh air. I wanted a bag that was simple and compact, with enough size for a book and/or kindle and the odd necessities (wallet, camera, tissues etc!)

Crochet shoulder bag breakdown

The bag is made by crocheting a rectangle shape of X25 HTR rows, with the 2 narrow sides attached at the center after (the metal hoops are optional, but I thought this gave the bag an better finish).

Next, each of the sides is sewn together to create the body of the bag.

Then, we attach a zip to the top of the bag and lastly, we crochet the shoulder strap across each sides.

This was a very quick run though, I promise this bag is very simple to make! It works so fast when using yarn for an 8mm hook that you’ll be showing off your new accessory in no time. Continue reading for the full instructions.



  • T-shirt yarn approx 400g
  • 8mm hook
  • 4mm hook for attaching zip
  • 2 metal hoops (curtain hoops will work)
  • Needle to weave ends
  • Zip
  • Needle and thread for zip

Base and Sides

 CH 21 + 1, TURN 
121HTR + 1CH, TURN= 21 ST
2 – 10 REPEAT= 21 ST
11FLO 21 + 1CH, TURN  (this creates ridge for bottom of bag)= 21 ST
13– 14 REPEAT= 21 ST
15FLO 21 + 1CH, TURN= 21 ST

In the above photo, I have marked the base of the bag with the blue strands of yarn. (The base is also marked by the rows of HTR that were completed in the front loops only.) With these marks, it will make it easier to tell where the side of the bag will be to complete the body.


To make the two sides, attach your yarn in between the (blue) markers and crochet (4HTR + 1CH, TURN) X9. On row 10, we will attach the hoop. (This is optional – if you don’t have hoops, you can continue crocheting X50 rows so that it meets the other side, ensuring it is the right length you desire to hang off of your shoulder.)

To attach the hoops, we will work the 1st and 4th stitch around the outside of the hoop, and then the 2nd and 3rd stitch will be worked inside the hoop.

For the body of the bag, we crochet one row of DC across the top of all four sides to ensure they are held together and neaten them up.

When crocheting this row of DC, make sure you pull through the post of yarn at the front SIDE of your work – NOT your front or back stitch on the top.

Continue working around the inside of the bag with a DC in each stitch.

Getting the zip ready

Using your needle and thread, work a back stitch along the zip to match the inside of the bag. Each of these long sides has 21 stitches.

Change to 4mm hook

ROW 1 = Attach the T-shirt yarn and continue working DC stitches in each of the stiches across the zip, when you reach the ends, CH2. (Keep your tension loose, as you might notice in the picture, my tension was a little too tight and caused the zip to gather.)

ROW 2 = Crochet one more round of DC stitches around the zip, when you get to the two chains of the previous round, work in the BLO.

Here is the finished zip section. You should have 21ST along each side, + 2ST at each end = 46ST around.

This zip piece can be sewn to the top body of the bag – using a needle and remaining T-shirt yarn – working through each stitch.

At the ends, sew through two stitches to join them together.

Lastly, if you have made the bag via a hoop, attach the T-shirt yarn to the hoop and work (X4HTR +1CH, turn) X (the desired length) approx. 50 rows, attaching to the other side of the bag to complete.

& there you have it. A relatively simple but effortlessly fabulous, crochet shoulder bag with zip.

As this uses cotton T-shirt yarn, when the bag gets dirty you can easily throw it in the wash. It’s a decent compact size and has a good stretch to it that also feels firm. I’ve crammed my bag with many many things already and taken it on my bike rides to my favourite reading spots and it’s the perfect shoulder bag!

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