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This short beanie is gorgeous and adapted from the slouchy crochet beanie by GenuineMudPie

I loved creating the slouchy ribbing beanie a few months ago, but it didn’t take long for the hat to loose its shape (maybe cotton wasn’t the right choice?)

With some amazing goodies that I received from Kosy Kitchen Fibre, I knew some dreamy superwash merino aran yarn would make for a gorgeous new beanie.

Alas, I could only afford 1 skein of 100g and was up for a challenge. So I tried to adjust GenuineMudPie‘s original pattern to create a short beanie instead of something slouchy.

The pattern:

I had to make a guess at the beginning foundation row while adjusting this pattern. This starts with 45 CHAIN STITCHES. Then the pattern uses SLIP STITCHES in BACK LOOP ONLY to create this nice stretchy finish.

Following GenuineMudPie‘s pattern instructions, start to create your first panel.

One complete row works up and down. The first half of the panel will be decreasing so the top slopes down, then to complete the panel, work back up on the opposite side.

I found this pattern to actually be quite forgiving. If you miss a stitch it’s not a disaster. You can easily compensate by making sure you work to the end of each row.

I wasn’t using stitch markers, though 🤪

Now, finishing the hat would take a whole other tutorial. For some reason I could not figure out how to neatly close this slip stich ribbing. I tried so many ways and gave up, finishing with a needle instead which was actually much easier. Using a needle made the closing look invisible so gives the hat a super tidy finish.

I’ve worn this hat to death recently and abolutely love it. This merino wool is so cosy and warm but now I must try it with more colours!

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