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Crochet roll and play cube is a fantastic game to encourage interaction and keep your todler occupied for hours while helping them learn

My oldest friends lil boy was turning 2, so I was having a good think about a gift. I didn’t want to make a typical toy or decoration, I wanted something that was interactive and would help him learn, cue this crochet roll and play cube.

This turned out to be very time consuming but worth all the effort.

The game is a fabric cube, with different coloured sides. Each sides of the cube corresponds to cards of the same colour which have different categories. Each of the cards has a unique action that the player must perform after they roll the cube.

Simple, but great fun for all the family.

The categories on the cards can be anything.

I created 6 categories for actions that relate to colours, body parts, emotions, sounds, animals and movements.


Start crocheting the cube with the first colour of choice. Using HALF TREBLE CROCHET continue up until the peice has equal sides to create a square.

When the first square is complete, attach the new colour and repeat until you have the first 4 colours completed. Then fasten off. Attach the last 2 squares on either side of one colour of choice like in the image below. With the squares complete, join the sides with yarn and a needle of any colour to form the cube. Before you close, fill with stuffing.


  • approx. 30g of each colour (X6)
  • Corresponding hook for your yarn
  • Filling
  • Fabic to make a cube (optional)
  • Coloured card to match your yarn choices


To give the cube more shape I made an additional cube with fabric that would be stuffed with filling (this is optional).

It did help provide more structure.

However, the finished cube was missing something. If I made this again, I would add some sand inside to give more weight.

With the crochet Roll & Play game, everybody wins! This game isn’t a competition, it all about keeping children (and adults) enagaged. This is about creative exploration and having fun.

What I also love about this game, is that it can easily grow and be adapted to create more challanges. When the actions become too predictable you can easily make more cards and try making them harder.

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