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The moss stitch facial washcloth is a perfect quick and easy crochet project to try with this beautiful textured stitch

With life currently very hectic and summer creeping up, I can find it hard to get in the crochet mood.

Cue nice and easy project that takes minimal time… the moss stitch facial washcloth.

I needed to replace some old towels and was after something specifically for to wash my face. This made the perfect opportunity for a new crochet project.

As this was going to be nice and small I wanted to experiment with a different stitch.

It needed to be someting with a slightly thicker texture but nothing too complicated.

I introduce you to the MOSS stitch AKA the linen stitch.

This stitch looked simple in the diagrams, but honestly it took me quite a few attempts to get my head around it and keep it neat.

I ended up following this pattern by Stitching Together as she created a lovely clear diagram to follow.

It is very simple, I do not mean to scare anyone off. As with all crocheting, consistency is key.

The moss stitch facial washcloth is made with a foundation row of CH stitches. Then alternating DC and CH (missing one stitch from the previous round as you work the next DC). On the next row, the DC is worked into the CH from the previous round. This creates a lovely thickish texture.

I used a slightly bigger hook than recomended for the Drops Paris Cotton Yarn I used so it wasn’t too stiff but this is optional.


Moss Stitch Facial Washcloth Pattern

Instructions: ***UKTERMS***


  • 50g Drops Paris Cotton Yarn (or anything similar
  • 5.5mm hook
  • Needle
Foundation CH row of even numbers to your desired width, TURN
2*CH, DC (in the CH from previous row)* REPEAT
Repeat rows to desired height
Fasten off and weave in ends

Super happy with the result of this project. The Drops Paris Yarn is lovely and soft and with so man colours to choose from I can’t wait to make a stash.

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