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The Lemon Peel Hoooked Zpagetti Storage Basket is a lovey quick project to make using chunky T-shirt yarn

Lemon Peel Hoooked Zpagetti Storage Basket is made with the original T-Shirt yarn Hoooked Zpagetti.

I have a love/hate relationship with this yarn, though. There is so much choice in colours and when there’s a sale they are great value for money.

But, in my experience, the skeins I have bought have a major disadvantage. They can be really uneven in width and this sucks. If you want a super neat and consistant looking project it can cause you problems. And if you are a neat perfectionist freak like me, it means I have put off using my stash for too long.

I get major crochet envy when I see storage baskets made with pure cord that look so neat and beautiful. When I first tried making a small basket I used normal DK yarn and crocheted around some cord so it was very stiff and held its shape well. I was happy with the first attempt but needed something much bigger to hide random things at home and knew I would need to size up my yarn and hook so it didn’t take forever.

Determined to use my old stash I gave in and decided to attempt this lemon peel hoooked zpagetti storage basket.

Lemon Peel Stitch

Side view of lemon peel storage basket on the floor

Like a bit of texture in your crochet but aren’t sure what stitch to use? The lemon peel stitch is a great beginner stitch to try as it’s so easy.

The stitch alternates DC (doube crochet) and HTR (half treble crocher) – that’s it. Best to have even numbers in the project, then on the next row, crochet the DC into the HTR crochet of the previous round.

This alternation creates this lovely textured look.

You can alternate the DC with HTR or TRB crochet. Have some fun and experiment with this lovely simple stitch.

Lemon Peel Hoooked Zpagetti Storage Basket

I used a smaller hook than recomended for the Hoooked Zpagetti yarn to overcome the yarn width inconsistency. Normally, they recommend 10-12mm so if you would like to reduce the risk of seeing the variations swap to a 7-8mm hook.

The stroage basket starts with a base of HALF TREBLE CROCHET stitches to create a rectangle. You will create 24 HTR on each row with 1CH (the CH builds height for you to start the next row of HTR)

Top view of lemon peel storage basket on the floor

When the HTR rectangle base is complete, we then create the sides.

Top view of lemon peel storage basket on the floor

First, make one row of DC, crocheting in the BACK LOOP ONLY. This will create a nice ridge.

Do not crochet in the 2 corner stitches of the rectangle base.

Lemon peel storage basket on the floor instructions

Then, the next row will start the alternating DC, THR crochet stitches and repeat to the desired height.



  • 700G HOOOKED ZPAGETTI skein or similar yarn
  • 7.5MM hook
  • Smaller hook to weave in ends
Foundation CH24, +CH, TURN
R1SKIP 1 CH, HTR in each, +CH, TURN= 24 ST
R2 – R20REPEAT= 24 ST
Building the sides of the storage basket
R21BLO DC in each stitch around the rectangle base. SKIP THE 2 STITCHES IN EACH CORNER, SL ST to close, CH1, TURN= 80ST
R22*DC, HTR* REPEAT X40, SL ST to close, CH1, TURN= 80ST
R23 – 34REPEAT (or to desired height)= 80ST
Fasten off

You can see where the solid shape is lost due the yarn changing width but overall I’m happy to have used up some of my old stash with this project.

This turned out to be a fun and relatively quick crochet project and a nifty storage basket that will be looking after my flipflops and add things near my front door.

Top view of lemon peel storage basket on the floor

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