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Make this beautiful crochet cropped sweater or shrug with approx. 100g of yarn

Welcome to this crochet cropped sweater free pattern. This is a fabulous project to start your crochet clothing journey as the sweater is short, it won’t take too much time.

Making crochet clothes can be daunting. I have put off making a sweater since I first started even though I dreamt of doing it many times. I have dabbled in a crochet halter top, but making sweaters has always been on the ‘to-do’ list.

Determined to use my old stash of random skeins, this project is even more perfect for another reason. To make an average S/M size you will only use about 100-200g (depending on type of yarn). This is great for using up those random skeins that you don’t know what to do with.

Mix up some colours and have some fun creating this beautiful crochet cropped sweater.

Crochet cropped sweater pattern breakdown

So, to make this crochet cropped sweater, we will start at the neck and work down the body. The arms are added at the end. First, with one row of HALF TREBLE, then using DOUBLE TREBLE and finishing with one last row of HALF TREBLE.

Please note, I have provided detailed pattern instructions for a S/M size in the below table, but this can be altered to provide the perfect life.

The finished measurements for this pattern using a medium worsted Mohair yarn adn 7mm hook is …

Collar line = 70cm

Sleeve (from arm pit) = 50cm

Total height = 25cm

Getting the perfect fit

Start by measuring around your collar bone or below the neck. I was keen to have an off-shoulder cropped sweater look, so my crochet sweater starts with 70HTR equalling 70cm.

On the next row, wel need to mark the INCREASES to accomodate the arm sections. We will be increasing each row onwards, until you reach your armpit, approx. 7-8 rows of TREBLE CROCHET.

Warning – to make this your perfect size you may need to do some math. I’ll try to keep this simple if you need to make alterations.

Each arm will need X2 increases for the front and back. We will need to work out the number of stitches that these increases are at by using these percentages.

So, for 70ST around the neck line =

BACK SECTION 40% = 28ST (quick calculation = 7*4)


LEFT ARM 10% = 7ST


Below is a picture to show exactly at what count the increases will be at.

Crochet cropped sweater – making neat joining seams

Pro tip – to make the joining seams neat and central at the back of the crochet cropped sweater, finish each row with the SLIP STITCH, CH2 and then turn the work around to work in the opposite direction. Action this on every row for a super neat finish that is hardly noticable.

Please note – the SLST in this pattern are NOT counted and I like to keep mine tight so they are not very noticable.

Attaching in the arms

When the increasing rows reach the top of the armpit, this is where we stop increasing.

The next row is working around your body (under the armpit), skipping the stitches between the arm increases.

Now, start the row like normal by crocheting DOUBLE TREBLE along from the back seam. But, stop when you reach a few stitches before the increase of the previous round.

Next, CH3 (or however many CH’s is needed to reach the other side, (measure your body under your armpits to find the exact match and also consider how tight or loose fitting you’d like it).

Then, continue crocheting DOUBLE TREBLE stitches after the increase on the other side of the arm section.

Repeat for the other side.

As a result, we have just created the arm section where more DOUBLE TREBLE stitches are added around.

So, the arms are made of approx. X20 rows of DOUBLE TREBLE with X1 row of HALF TREBLE to finish. This means, each row will equall X30 DTR stitches around.

You can increase at the end few rows if you’d like a slightly flared sleeve (to do this increase in equal quarters).




  • 100 – 200G YARN (you can use a fine mohair or DK yarn – this pattern works well with any)
  • 7MM HOOK

CH70 +1
(alternatively you can crochet X70 FOUNDATION HALF TREBLE)
= 70ST
R.214DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 5DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 28ST, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 5DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 14DTR, SLST, CH2, TURN= 74ST (+4CH)
R.315DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 7DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 30ST, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 7DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 15DTR, SLST, CH2, TURN= 78ST
R.416DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 9DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 32ST, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 9DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 16DTR, SLST, CH2, TURN= 82ST
R.517DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 9DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 34ST, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 9DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 17DTR, SLST, CH2, TURN= 86ST
R.618DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 11DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 36ST, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 11DTR, (DTR, CH, DTR) in next ST, 18DTR, SLST, CH2, TURN= 90ST
This should reach the top of your armpit – if not, repeat increases
R.716DTR, CH3, SKIP approx 22ST (from INC to INC), reattach yarn on the other side and continue 32DTR, CH3, SKIP approx 22ST, reattach yarn on other side and continue to close of back seam 16DTR= 70ST
R.8 – 14REPEAT= 70ST
R.1570HTR, SLST to close= 70ST
Fasten off and weave ends

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