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The Moss Stitch Storage Basket is a super quick to make and stylish accessory for your home. Made with more Hooked Zpagetti T-shirt yarn, this basket is the perfect remedy for any of your clutter.

I made the Lemon Peel Storage Basket a while ago, but it wasn’t the best shape. Partly due to the yarn not being consistent in width and my technique. So, I thought I’d give a basket another try with a different type of stitch to see if I could make improvements.

Moss Stitch Storgae Basket Tips

  • The basket can be used with any type of yarn but I would recommend always using a slightly smaller hook than recommended. This will ensure a nice finish and avoid gaps showing
  • I used Hooked Zpagetti with a 7mm hook
  • Total size for this with the same yarn is 11″(28cm) X 12″(30.5cm)
  • Try to keep the tension tight to get a neat finish, I sadly broke my beloved marble ergonomic hook because of this, so try to use something metal
  • When the base is finished, to keep the corner neat double crochet (DC) each side of the corner together (see below image)
  • The sides of the basket are made with Moss Stitch, alternating a CHAIN with a DOUBLE CROCHET (DC)



  • Approx. 600g T-shirt yarn
  • 7mm hook
  • Scissors
Foundation = CH24 +1
R.124TR, CH2, turn= 24 TR
R.2 – 17Repeat R.1 to desired size= 24 TR
R.1823DC across each 4 sides, for each corner 2TOG= 92 DC
R.19Start the moss stitch, alternating 1CH, 1DC around= 92 STS
R.20-30Repeat following the moss stitch pattern, working 1CH over the previous row’s DC, and working the next DC in the previous row’s CH= 92 STS
Continue to desired height, weave in loose ends

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