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This cable stitch hat hanger is the perfect fix for any clutter of accessories. I’d have seen cap organisers on Pinterest with some different crochet, macrame and knitted designs.

Close up of the cable stitches on the cable stitch hat hanger

I hadn’t tried cable crocheting but always loved the look. They consist of front post and back post stitches which I have tried in the textured hat pattern. But getting this 3D textured look via cables always seemed super confusing.

The Unraveled Mitten had a fantastic tutorial on cable crochet which clear pictures and a great video breaking down the steps.

Skip to 12:10 for the cableing tutorial.

Cut out of the pink cable stitch hat hanger

Cable Stitch Hat Hanger Tips

Drops Paris yarn in pink with the first few rows of the cable stitch aht hanger
  • This pattern is one size for all
  • Please use Aran yarn with 4mm hook so the stiches are tight
  • The base of the pattern uses Trebles and the cables use Double Trebles
  • There are a total of 7 different stitches used
    • Chains (CH)
    • Trebles (TR)
    • Double Trebles (DTR)
    • Front Posts (FP)
    • Back Posts (BP)
    • Crab Stitch for the bars that the hat rest in (CRB)
    • iCord across the top to hang from (you can also use a simple Chain)
  • The project starts at the bottom and works upward
  • For each row, the Chain 2 does not count as a stitch. This will build the height and avoid gaps in the work
  • When you see INC, this means to increase so you work 2 of the same stitch in 1 place

So, lets get started and make this cable stich hat hanger.


Instructions: *** UK TERMS ***

  • Approx, 200g Aran Yarn (I use me favourite Drops Paris)
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Needle to weave ends
R.1CH3, 3TR in 3rd chain from hook, CH2, turn= 3 TR
R.2TRINC, 1TR, TRINC, CH2, turn= 5 TR
R.3TRINC, 3TR, TRINC, CH2, turn= 7 TR
R.4TRINC, 5TR, TRINC, CH2, turn= 9 TR
R.5TRINC, 7TR, TRINC, CH2, turn= 11 TR
R.6TRINC, 4TR, TRINC, 4TR, TRINC, CH2, turn= 14 TR
R.7TRINC, 2TR, skip4, 4FPTR, (go back to 1st skipped stitch), 4FPDTR, 2TR, TRINC, CH2, turn= 16 STS
R.8TRINC, 3TR, 8BPDTR, 3TR, TRINC, CH2, turn= 18 STS
R.9TRINC, 4TR, skip4, 4FPTR, (go back to 1st skipped stitch), 4FPDTR, 4TR, TRINC, CH2, turn= 20 STS
R.10TRINC, 5TR, 8BPDTR, 5TR, TRINC, CH2, turn= 22 STS
R.11-18Repeat a row with FPDTR (R.9) increasing on 1st and last stitch
with a row of BPDTR (R.10) increasing on 1st and last stitch
= 38 STS
R.19No more increasing required
6TR, skip2, 2FPDTR (go back to the 1st skipped stitch), 2FPDTR, 5TR, skip4, 4FPDTR (go back to the 1st skipped stitch), 4FPDTR, 5TR, skip2, 2FPDTR (go back to the 1st skipped stitch), 2FPDTR, 6TR, CH2, turn
= 38 STS
R.206TR, 4BPDTR, 5TR, 8BPDTR, 5TR, 4BPDTR, 6TR= 38 STS
R.21 – 40Repeat R.19 and R.20 to desired height = 38 STS
R.41Finish with a row of 38DTR= 38 DTR
Create a strap approx. 18″ (46cm) long my creating an iCord or a simple chain and attach to the either side of the R.41
Fasten off and tie in loose ends
CH31, 30DC back across
Start the Crab Stitch working backwards, CH1
Work across the oppotise side with another row of Crab Stitch
Attach the straps evenly and weave in ends
Close up of the cable stitches on the cable stitch hat hanger with markings for construction

I aboslutely love the final look of this project and the beautiful rusty pink colour. Hope you enjoy this pattern, too and would love to see your final makes so tag @Sistertwist on Instagram or #sistertwistcrochet

Close up of hats hanging on the cable stitch hat hanger

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