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It’s official, I have fallen in love with a crochet pattern. This Tunisian crochet socks pattern by Mode Bespoke is a game-changer. Please show support and buy the full detailed pattern via the website.

Close up of a tunisian crochet sock in amber colour

We all remember the socks our grandma’s gifted us. Cosy and warm and made with so much care and love. I’ve tried crocheting chunky socks which were a tad disspointing. I didn’t like how the large stitches felt when they were on my feet. My collection of 4ply yarn was growing and in depserate need to be used. I’ve used KosyKitchen Fibre yarn’s for other projects who is a UK-based indie dyer. Beautiful and soothing colours like what I used to make the Crochet Ribbing Wrist Warmers.

It was the perfect yarn to use to replicate this classic pair of socks (without learning to knit).

Tunisian crochet techniques are addictive! This pattern works in the round and is the perfect project to try something more advanced with minimal sewing.

Tunisian Crochet Sock Tips

The Tunisian crochet socks pattern starts in at the top cuff, then works down alternating X2 Tunisian Purl Stitches and X2 Tunisian Knit Stiches in the round. (In my amber pair, I did X2 Purl and X4 Knit.)

Starting the cuffs for the Tunisian crochet socks pattern showing them laid out

Next, start the heel with only Tunisian Knit Stitches working flat. It uses decreases then increases to create a heel shape once sewn.

Then, work the main foot section with more Tunisian Knit Stitches but going back to working in the round.

Lastly, the toes as also done with Tunisian Knit Stitches working flat but done twice (to cover the top of the toes, then the back of the toes) and sews together to close.

I really loved this pattern. It’s given me a lot more practice with Tunisian stitch variations and I’m feeling much more at ease with them. My tension still isn’t consistent which you can notice up close, but that’s me being super critical.

I’ve made two pairs and can’t wait to make more!

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