Sistertwist is inspiring creativity through cute, crochet and sewing crafts that can help better manage your mental health.

Inspiring creativity has never been so important. Our lives have become so chaotic, filled with tech and all different types of distractions. But simply keeping your hands busy with something creative has many surprising benefits. It can be stress-releasing, calming, soothing and above all … FUN!

Meet the maker behind Sistertwist, Carolina who has been campaigning to improve wellbeing by getting her craft on. A self-confessed crochet and kawaii junky, from Somerset in England. She is half British, half Czech and ready to share free crochet patterns while talking about the importance of embracing your creativeness.

Firstly, creating, doodling and trying new ways of making things is just as important to eating the right food. Creativity is a part of the human experience. Everyone needs it in some form. Crafting and crochet have been a lifeline, helping Carolina cope with uncertainty and deal with life’s difficulties. Now, she’s hoping it can do the same for you, too.

One summer holiday in 2013, Carolina’s mum and grandma taught her to crochet. At first, she was sooooo frustrated when she didn’t understand the stitches and never thought she’d get the hang of it. But with a lot of patience and practise, she became hooked.

Her obsession grew and grew. With a love for things kawaii, combined with an obsession for beautiful flowers it meant she had plenty to inspire. Initial projects including making small kawaii amigurumi things, like brooches and keychains. Above all, she loved the challenge of working out non-English patterns from diagrams and slowly watching as creations took form.

Sadly, when her grandma passed away in 2018, it was only in hindsight that Carolina realised how crafting positively impacted her. Not only did it help with concentration, but it was a creative expression that kept her happily occupied. The benefits are truly endless – just from creating something with your hands? … Yes!

“Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.”

Torrie T. Asai

Our wellbeing

Promoting mental health has also become a major passion and drive in Carolina’s life. Working full-time in an office, where she sees everyday stress take its toll on the majority of people.

Her aim is that through inspiring creativity, people can express themselves healthily. Creating (in any form) can help stop life’s obstacles from becoming too overwhelming and it needs to be encouraged.

So, if you enjoy crochet and sewing projects, have a soft spot for kawaii and love a good crochet pun, or you just want to learn more about improving your mental health you’ve come to the right place.

Happy browsing fellow crafters!

May the hook be with you.