Hello, my name is Carolina. I’m from Somerset in England: half British, half Czech and I have a slight obsession with crafting cute creations. 

Welcome to a place where I share crochet and craft ideas in the hope of inspiring creativity!

I’ve always loved to create, doodle and try new ways of making things. I remember the first time using wool and a French knitter to make cords and being fascinated with how it worked.

Flash forward 15 years, to a summer break in the Czech Republic with my Czech grandma. Both my grandma and mum could crochet. One summer, my grandma found some of her old crochet hooks and began teaching me the basics.

Needless to say, my obsession grew from there. I’d been dealing with a new found love for things kawaii, combined with an existing love for beautiful flowers. This meant I had plenty to inspire. So, I started making small kawaii amigurumi things, like brooches and keychains. I loved the challenge of working out non-English patterns and diagrams and slowly watching as creations took form. From there, I then played with accessories, clothes, home furnishings and the list goes on and on.

When my grandma passed away in 2018, it’s only in hindsight that I realised how my craft projects had a positive impact on me. They helped me concentrate, it helped me express myself: the benefits are endless – just from creating something with your hands? … Yes!

“Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.” Torrie T. Asai

I created this blog to share the things I make, but also, to talk about the importance of being creative and finding a way to express yourself.

Promoting mental health is something I have become increasingly involved in as I also work full-time in an office where I see everyday stress take its toll on the majority of people.

My aim is to help you find your creative outlet and express yourselves healthily – so that life’s obstacles aren’t so overwhelming. There is no better way to achieve this than by inspiring creativity.

So, if you enjoy crafts, have a soft spot for kawaii, and love a good crochet pun, or you just want to learn more about improving your mental health you’ve come to the right place.

Happy browsing fellow crafters!

May the hook be with you.