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Extra thick for ultimate warmth

I had to panic make a gift for my partner this year, who at the last minute told me he wanted a cosy cowl for Christmas after seeing so many snuggly ones in the shops. Game on.

To keep things simple, I made one long tube approx. 16” ( 40cm long), with a combination of 3 different stitches; ribbing, half treble crochet, double crochet (UK TERMS), and then folded the tube in half.

The finished chunky cowl measures 14” (35cm) wide and 8” (20cm) long. Taking about 3-4 hours to complete. And oh, my days, it is so thick and cosy. I used some Chunky Branded wool, which I found in my local Chaplins to go with an 8mm hook.

This chunky cowl begins with three rows of ribbing stitch which are closed together to form a circle and then the rest of the project is worked in rounds.


  • Approx. 200g Super Chunky Wool (combination of colours as desired)
  • 8mm hook
  • Needle to weave ends




NOTES: Each CHAIN at the beginning of every row and the SLIP STITCH to close are NOT counted. Your first stitch in each row, will be in the same stitch as the previous slip stitch.

  CH63 (approx. 28” (70cm). When joined, this should  just fit over your head. You do not want this to be too loose or else the cowl will not hang close to the neck – so adjust length accordingly)  
1   Work in BACK LOOP ONLY, keep tension loose. From 2nd chain on hook 62 SLIP STITCHES, CH1 and turn = 62 ST
2   (Continue working in BLO) 62 SLIP STITCHES, CH1 and turn = 62 ST
3   (Continue working in BLO) 62 SLIP STITCHES, CH1 and turn You have now completed 3 rows of ribbing. Form a circle and close with SLIP STITCHES. This is now the base for the rest of your stitches to be worked in rounds = 62 ST
Attach new colour to where the ribbing stitches joined (this will keep you work looking neat) CH1, work in FRONT AND BACK LOOPS, 62 HTC, SLIP STITCH to close = 62 ST
5   – 15 REPEAT = 62 ST
16 CH1, work in BOTH LOOPS, 62 DC, SLIP STITCH to close = 62 ST
17 REPEAT = 62 ST
18 CH1, work in BACK LOOP ONLY (creates a nice ridge for the reverse side), 62 HTC, SLIP STITCH to close = 62 ST
19 CH1, work in FRONT AND BACK LOOPS, 62 HT, SLIP STITCH to close = 62 ST
20 – 29 REPEAT = 62 ST
30 Use SLIP STITCH to fasten to the back of the very first row of ribbing. = 62 ST

I was delighted with how this looked and will be making a different colour combination for myself. Of course, buying the best quality yarn will make all the difference for a project like this, especially one that is close to your neck and face. I have super sensitive skin in the winter so avoid cheap acrylic and polyester yarns.

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