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This Tunisian Crochet Beanie pattern is a winter must-make. I’ve made a few types of crochet beanies using different thickness of yarns, but with my new Tunisian crochet hooks, I needed to experiement with a different shape.

I’m no longer a fan of crochet beanies that are made way to long. Instead, I’d much rather a hat that fits nicely on my head without the flopping. With this pattern, you can tailor the shape to be eactly the right style for what you prefer.

Previous beanies I made, left me a bit dissapointed as the shape would loosen way too quickly around the brim, leaving them looking not very neat. So, I was looking forward to figuring out some Tunisian crochet style. With this Tunisian Crochet Beanie, the stich is lovely and thick, keeping you extra cosy and snug in the cold.

Tunisian Crochet Beanie Tips

Close up of a wooden tunisian crochet hook set
  • This pattern is made to measure, this means you can use any yarn with the relating size hook. As we are using Tunisian Crochet stitches, your hook should be 2 sizes above the recommendation (e.g. if the yarn is DK and recommends 5mm switch to 7mm)
  • Measue your head then deduct approx. 2cm so you will be crocehting with a negative ease. This means the hat may be a tad tight to start, but it will naturally stretch after a few wears. Trust the process!
  • This pattern requires a Tunisian Crochet Hook and Cable.
  • This pattern is made flat then joined after the decreases.
  • You will need to learn 2 different stitches. Each has a forward and return pass to complete a full row.
    • One foundation row of Tunisian Simple Stitches
    • The remaining will be done with Tunisian Knit Stitches
  • For the decreases, mark X4 points equally across. Off set the first decrease so it on even sides of the join (see above picture).
  • You will need to decrease (also called 2 together) on either side of these markings. This means each row will have a total of 8 decreases.
  • Keep your tension loose so you can easily work the Tunisian crochet stitches. But, keep the first and last stitch a bit tighter so you have a neat finish.
  • Experiment and mix your yarns. My favourite combination was using Drops Paris in Beige with Drops Brushed Alpaca in Beige. So fluffy and soft.
Close up of Drops Paris and Drops Alpaca yarn to make a tunisian crochet beanie


Instructions: *** UK TERMS ***

  • Approx. 150g yarn (I combined Drops Paris with Drops Alpaca Silk)
  • Appropriate size Tunisian crochet hook (I used 9mm)
  • Tunisian crochet cable
  • Stitch markers (spare yarn or a paper click will also do)
  • Needle to weave ends

The pattern is made to measure, but I have provided my exact stitches for a 54cm head.

R.1Chain to the measurement of the circumfrance of your head (above the ears and eyebrows) -2cm
My head is 54 -2 = 52cm
= 45 CH
R.2aForward pass Tunisian Simple Stitch to the end, working in the 3rd bump of the chains; Insert through 3rd bump, yarn over, pull through.
There should be 45 loops on the hook
= 45 loops on hook
R.2bReturn pass; start each return with 1 chain. (Yarn over, pull through 2 loops), repeat until 1 loop on the hook remains= 45 TSS
R.3-28Now change to Tunisian Knit Stitch for approx. another 25 rows (or until your desired height)= 45 TKS
R.29Start the decreases.
Divide your total stitches worked around the head by 4. 45%4 = 11.25.
Place a stitch maker at even 11 stitch across.
Work a decrease on either side of the mark, with 1 Tunisian Knit Stitch in the middle
= 37 TKS
R.30Tunisian Knit Stitch across= 37 TKS
R.31-40Repeat decrease row (R.29) and a row of the same amount (R30) until only approx. 4 loops remain on the hook.
This should be approx. 10-12 more rows.
Work the remaining yarn through the last hoops and fasten tightly to close the top of the hat.
Continue to secure the 2 sides to close the sides of the hat

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